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The Northeasts season long online spearfishing tournament. Featuring Open, Womens and  Top Grom categories with 205 registered divers in 2020 and 14 species including: Cod, Bluefish, Trigger, Scup, Tautog, Fluke, Sea Robin, Black Sea Bass, Winter Flounder, Sheepshead Bigeye Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, and Mahi Mahi. Opportunities to win with a speargun or a polespear! 2021 will also feature 3 Womens categories for Scup, Tautog and Black Sea Bass, We also will have Top Grom for kids 16 and under and that will be FREE just contact Josh Brouwer to get signed up. 16 and under will be a total weight of 4 species for an overall total on our leaderboard.
You MUST be a Tristate Skindivers member. To become a member you must pay yearly dues of $50 the goes to club events and local charities. 

Registration ends 4/1/2021. 

1. Freedive spearfishing ONLY

2. Your dive buddy must be your witness

3. All inshore species (Cod, Bluefish, Scup, Sea Robin, Tautog, Black Sea Bass, Fluke, Sheepshead, Winter Flounder and  Triggerfish) must be weighed on dry land with a CERTIFIED SCALE. You may use your own or go to a local tackle shop and weigh on their certified scale.
(Sponsor Redtide Spearfishing has the cheapest price around at $59.95,Once registered see member facebook page for 15% off RedTides entire site!)

3a. Bluewater fish (Mahi mahi, Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, Bigeye Tuna) will be measured by tape measure not weight. Measure from the tip of the snout to the fork in the tail to the closest half inch. Tape must be laid flat over the fish with clear video from tip to tip.

4. Spearos may not be helped dispatch their harvest while in the water.

4a. Spearos may have the boat throw a second unloaded gun for a second shot.

4b. A fish may be gaffed by the boat after fish is dispatched.

4c. If your fish is still alive and you are able to boat it by yourself a member on the boat can brain or bat your fish as long as you land it yourself.

5. Spearos must follow each states regulations as they may change from state to state.

6. The use of artificial light for night diving is not allowed.

7. All fish must be taken with recreational bag limits. (no commercial fish)

8. Spearos must harvest their fish in ME, NH, MA, RI, CT, NY or NJ

9. All weigh ins must be made by Video. You must show the Certification on the scale then Zero the scale and show it before hanging the fish and have a clear shot of the fish as well as the numbers on the scale. You have to show the date from a phone or dive watch as well as announce the Species, your name, date, weight, Polespear or Speargun and your WITNESS.

9a. All leaderboard entries must be submitted with in 1 week from entry.

10. For a fish to over take the lead the fish must be 1/10 of a pound over the current leader. (No Ties)
  10a. If the scale you are using is in Oz it will be rounded DOWN to the nearest 1/10 of a pound.

11. 16 and under Spearos or Spearas must be accompanied by a buddy 21 years or older.

12. All entries must be posted on Facebook in the group TriState Leaderboard Spearfishing Tournament or on Instagram on your own page and tag @tristateleaderboard

  • 1. State your name

  • 2. The species

  • 3. Speargun or Polespear

  • 4. Your witness

  • 5.  Show the date on your watch or phone.

  • 6. Show the certification on your certified scale.

  • 7. Tare the scale with the hook in to read 0.0lbs

  • 8. Hang your fish and show it hanging free with fish and scale in the frame.

  • 9. Make sure to clearly show the numbers on the scale.

  • 10. Send your video to our facebook page Tristate Leaderboard Spearfishing Tournament.

Scale must be certified

How to measure a bluewater fish

1. Your Name

2. Your Witness

3. The Species

4. (NEW RULE 2020) The date on a phone or watch.

5. Measure a tape straight and flat from the fork in the tail to the tip of the lips.

6. Make sure to have a clear video from tip to tip.

7. Send video HERE

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RedTide Spearfishing

Bluewater Bonanza Champion/ Top Grom Champion


Winter Flounder Speargun

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Womens Black Sea Bass/ Top Grom 3rd

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